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Positive Energy: Talk Show with Michele Granberg

Positive Energy is a half-hour TV talk show hosted by Michele Granberg, MA, broadcast on Princeton Community Television (live streaming and archived) at  It is also archived on our video channel on Vimeo.  View behind-the-scenes photos here!  Watch a fun promo for Positive Energy here.

What is the theme of Positive Energy?  Positive Energy explores

  • the connection between mind, body and spirit
  • wellness & alternative forms of healing
  • spirituality & metaphysical topics
  • positive thinking - how to do it and how it effects you!
  • how to succeed in business and life

Who are the guests on Positive Energy?  Check out the amazing guests and watch now!

  • David Young - spiritual musician, author & artist  watch here
  • Don Julio Arboleda - Andean Shaman & Shamanic Reiki Practitioner  watch here
  • Mark Van Der Gaag- Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker watch here
  • Sharon Silverstein - Spiritual singer/songwriter  watch here
  • Dr Susan Burger - Chiropractor & Inspirational Speaker watch here
  • Marie Jackson - Holistic Mentor & Inspirational Speaker  watch here
  • Ellen Tozzi - Certified Professional Organizer   watch here
  • Dr Robin Boudette - Psychologist & expert on mindfulness for eating disorders    watch here
  • Franne & Bob Demetrician - Interfaith Ministers & Infinite Possibilities Trainers   watch here
  • Corbie Mitleid - Professional Psychic, Medium & Inspirational Speaker   watch here
  • Dr Jennifer Gardella - Blogging & Social Media Expert   watch here
  • Andrea Brachfeld - Flute player & Spiritual Musician   watch here
  • Dr Steve Wilson - Founder of the World Laughter Organization   watch here
  • Interviews from the Mind Body Spirit Expo Part 1 (featuring Dr Eric Pearl)  watch here
  • Interviews from the Mind Body Spirit Expo Part 2   watch here
  • Franca Giuliani - Feng Shui Practitioner   watch here
  • Christine Gallagher - Social Media & Relationship Marketing Expert  watch here
  • David Newman - Kirtan artist, singer/songwriter, spiritual teacher & author   watch here
  • Gene Ang - Energy Healing Practitioner    watch here
  • Suzin Green - Kirtan artist & musician   watch here
  • Eric Jacob - Actor & Stand-up Comic  watch here  
  • Susan Lieberman & Andrea Grace - Natural Healing Alliance  watch here
  • Gary & Mary O'Brien- Spiritual Teachings of DZAR   watch here
  • Rob Schwartz - Author of Your Soul's Plan watch here
  • Rich Braconi - Medium & Medical Intuitive   watch here
  • Vincent Pierce Smith - Tabla player & Percussionist   watch here
  • Dr Linda Bender - Animal Advocate & Author - Part 1  watch here
  • Dr Linda Bender - Animal Advocate & Author - Part 2   watch here
  • Interviews from the April 2015 Mind Body Spirit Expo  watch here
  • Gerry Gavin - Author & Angel Channel   watch here
  • Robin Renee - Musician & Kirtan performer   watch here
  • Marafanyi - West African Drummers  watch here
  • Tom Callahan - Senior Care Consultant   watch here
  • Positive Energy Promo on Princeton Television   watch here
  • Interviews at the Princeton Holistic Family Expo   watch here
  • Sharon Silverstein & the Peace Project   watch here
  • Tina Hines & Stacey Simpson - Dating & Relationships   watch here
  • Kate Beeders - Coach & Marketing Expert   watch here
  • Roland Comtois - Medium watch here
  • Christine Gallagher - coach, marketing & social media expert Part 2 watch here
  • Anne Angelo - Animal Communication  watch here
  • Birgit Lueders - Iridologist & Master Herbalist   watch here
  • Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa - Benefits of yoga & meditation   watch here
  • Jack Sugden - Transcendental Meditation   watch here
  • Dr Linda Backman - Past Life Regression   watch here
  • Mark Wood - The Healing Power of Drumming   watch here
  • Megan McQuarrie, Executive Director of Elixir Fund - Alternative Therapy for Cancer Patients watch here
  • Ed Tseng - Mindset & Peak Performance   watch here
  • Elaine Silver - Spiritual Nature of Music watch here
  • Hilary Morris -  Social Media Marketing  watch here
  • Sharon Silverstein & Deva Vidya - The Divine Feminine watch here
  • Gene Ang - Psychic Abilities & Energy Healing watch here
  • Dana Cory - Business Coach watch here
  • Mirabai Moon - Sacred Music & Chant  watch here
  • Braco Pobric - Positive Psychology   watch here
  • Trish Miele & Clarisa Romero - Mindfulness   watch here
  • Roberta Pughe & Annmarie Agosta - Embodied Enlightenment & Sufism  watch here
  • Molly Mahoney - Camera Confidence Coach & Social Media Expert  watch here
  • Dr Maria Katsamanis - Communicating with Horses   watch here
  • Michelle Lange - Branding & Marketing Strategist   watch here
  • Brenda McMorrow - Kirtan Artist, Singer/Songwriter watch here
  • Andre Halaw - Zen Buddhism & Meditation
  • Tracy Farquhar - Psychic Development & Mediumship  watch here
  • Tracy Farquhar - From Deep Space with Love   watch here
  • Dalien 13 Hands - Yoga Teacher, Musician & Kirtan Performer   watch here

How can I see Positive Energy?

Positive Energy airs on local cable channel TV30 (Princeton and surrounding areas) - every Tuesday at 7:30pm and every Sunday at 12:00pm.  You can also watch on the Princeton Community Television web site - streaming live at those times.  Shows are also archived and we'll be posted on Princeton TV's website, this web site (above), on our Vimeo channel and on our FACEBOOK page.  Contact us for more info or to be placed on our Positive Energy email list.

Interested in being a guest on Positive Energy?  Contact Michele at 609.750.7432

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