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"If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane".....Robert Frost

LAUGHTER PROGRAMS with Michele Granberg

As a Certified Laughter Leader, Michele Granberg, MA, is an expert in facilitating Laughter Therapy. She is a graduate of the CLL program developed by The World Laughter Tour.

What is the World Laughter Tour?
An organization whose mission is to illuminate and improve the human condition by exploring the nearly magical mysteries of laughter, humor and mirth.  WLT's vision is to "lead the world to health, happiness, and peace through laughter."  Please watch Michele interview Dr. Steve Wilson, Founder of the World Laughter Tour on her TV Show Positive Energy

What is Laughter Therapy?

  •    Utilizing the natural physical act of laughter as a form of therapy
  •     Fits well within the theories of Positive Psychology which focuses on honing one's existing strengths  as coping skills
  •     Individual or group exposure to true, mirthful laughter in a supportive environment
  •     General goals: to increase pleasure, socialization, self-esteem, confidence, optimism & calm

Proven benefits of Therapeutic Laughter

  •     Reduces stress hormones (cortisol) and increases endorphins
  •     Strengthens immune system
  •     Improves breathing, blood flow, digestion and sleep patterns
  •     Adjusts blood pressure & blood sugar
  •     Relaxes muscle tension & burns calories
  •     Reduces pain & helps body fight infection
  •     Stimulates an emotional high (elevates mood)
  •     Produces a mental state similar to the meditative state (alters brainwaves)

Experience these benefits by bringing a LAUGHTER WORKSHOP to you!

Contact Michele to bring a laughter presentation or program to your group, organization or company.  A Laughter Workshop is perfect for team building because its a fun and immediate way to strengthen the bonds of any group! Contact:  609-750-7432  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michele has offered her lively interactive laughter programs at the following venues and more

  • Seton Hall University - Future Health Care Professionals
  • South Brunswick Community Education
  • South Brunswick Senior Center
  • Sayreville Public Library
  • Greater Raritan One-Stop Career Center - Somerset, NJ
  • Center for Relaxation & Healing at Plainsboro
  • Robert Wood Johnson Health & Wellness Center - Hamilton, NJ
  • Bank of America/Merrill Lynch - Hopewell, NJ
  • Brandywine Senior Living at Princeton
  • Hackettstown Memorial Hospital - Healthy Hearts Support Group
  • Jewish Family Services - Monroe Twp, NJ
  • Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence - Somerset, NJ
  • Monroe Senior Center
  • Waterside Villa Active Adult Community - Monroe, NJ
  • Hickory Corner Library - East Windsor, NJ
  • Brandeis National Committee - Jackson, NJ


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION (can be tailored for your group) - approximately 75-90 minutes

TITLE: The Healing Power of Laughter - Ha ha yourself to Health!

You've heard that "Laughter is the best medicine," well it’s a fact, laughter is good for you!  Research shows that regular laughter relieves stress, anxiety, anger and depression, strengthens the immune system, improves respiration, adjusts blood pressure, reduces pain, burns calories, relaxes muscles and more.  This program explores the healing nature of laughter and its many benefits. 

Join us for a blend of education, laughter exercises, improvisation and camaraderie with Michele Granberg, MA, Certified Laughter Leader as she leads you through simple interactive exercises that get and keep you laughing.  Join us to release tension and inhibitions and reclaim your true smile and genuine laugh. Leave feel refreshed, relaxed and uplifted.



"Michele’s program on Laughter therapy was extremely energizing and uplifting.  Her energy and excitement are contagious.  She recently presented her program to some 35 Older Adults and the participation and enthusiasm was amazing.  Everyone enjoyed it and walked out smiling.  Other people in the Senior Center wanted to know what was going on, what were they missing??  You and or your group will love this fun, practical and educational program"....Toby Ehrlich, LCSW, CALA , Director of Corporate Marketing of Wilf Campus, December 2015

"Michele was a guest speaker at our Hackettstown Cardiac/Pulmonary Support Group. She actively engaged the entire audience while teaching us about laughter therapy. She taught us about the benefits of laughter, both physically and emotionally. Her calming presence quickly made us comfortable, and open to trying something new. We did laughter exercises, and enjoyed it very much. We received positive feedback from our patients and co-workers. Everyone laughed, everyone had a good time.  We would definitely be interested in having Michele back."  ...Sharran Lumkong, RN & the HRMC Cardiac Rehab Team, 2015

"Thank you so much for your amazing presentation last week! Everyone enjoyed it and was talking about it afterwards. Someone even came to me this morning and told me how much they enjoyed it, how much fun it was, and how unique the presentation was. So I just wanted to forward that information to you.  Again, thank you so much for taking the time to travel and out of your busy schedule to provide us with your great training!" ...Raquel Harper, M.A. Juvenile Case Manager, Greater Raritan Career Center, 2014