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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is not a religion, yet it contains ancient spiritual practices that are available to anyone.  "Core Shamanism" is found worldwide and can be incorporated into one's daily life. The heart of Shamanism is a deliberate visionary experience that connects the practitioner with the invisible world of Spirit.  He or she visits spiritual realms and communicates with spiritual beings for specific intentions and purposes.

What is the Shamanic Journey?

The Shamanic Journey is a practice common to all indigenous societies and traditional shamans throughout history. During a Shamanic Journey a practitioner cultivates an altered state and enters into a different reality. Shamanic Journeying brings you higher wisdom and offers you an interactive spiritual experience.  Not everyone who practices shamanism becomes a Shaman, but anyone with a true desire can utilize Shamanic Journeying and become a Shamanic Practitioner.  

What is entailed in a private Intuitive Shamanic Journey Session with Michele Granberg?

During a Shamanic Journey, the practitioner goes into an altered state of consciousness to journey outside of time and space into “non-ordinary” reality.  In these private sessions, Michele Granberg will journey on your behalf to access wisdom from her Higher Self (and yours) and guidance from Spirit Helpers. 

What to expect:

  • Bring a specific concern or goal to guide the session
  • Drumming, rattling and Spirit Song to facilitate an altered state
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides, Power Animals or Nature Spirits
  • Reclaim a piece of your Self that has been dis-empowered, fragmented, buried or dissociated
  • Experience healing for the Inner Child or a Past Life
  • Receive Insight into your past, present and future path 

Michele Granberg, MA, is a Spiritual Coach and healer with over 16 years experience in private healing work. She has completed trained in Basic Level Core Shamanism with Foundation of Shamanic Studies Teacher & Practitioner, Elaine Egidio as well as the following Advanced Courses - Shamanic Dreamwork; Dying & Beyond from a Shamanic Perspective; Shamanic Divination and Shamanic Extraction.

To schedule a private session, contact Michele at 609.750.7432 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length.  Rates given upon request.

Join Michele on Fri June 30, 2017 for a group Shamanic Journeying circle CLICK HERE